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CBS Says No to Cannabis Ads During Super Bowl

CBS Says no to Cannabis but welcomes alcohol commercials.

CBS rejected a Super Bowl ad that wants to leagalize Cannabis which is already legal in more than 30 states, that have medical or recreational laws, while some have both. A CBS spokesperson said that it’s broadcast standards does not currently accept cannabis-related advertising.

The 60-second ad shows three people suffering from varying health issue who says cannabis has improved their lives.

Super Bowl ads are expensive, reportedly costing more than $5 million for an average 30-second spot last year. The cannabis company, said it was careful to position the spot as a “call to political action” rather than a pitch for its brand, which now has cannabis operations in roughly 15 states. 

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Trump Steals Obama’s Crowning Achievement

Hemp has been legal since Obama first signed the farm bill in 2014, which was also known as the agriculture act, giving states the power to grow it if their lawmakers decided to allow it. All that Trump did was remove CBD from the DEA schedule by amending the bill and adding in other stipulations. Obama also defunded the DEA from going after legal and medical businesses. Effectively eliminating their funding for targeting legal growers. The right wing and left wing media are stealing this achievement from Obama and effectively handing it over to Trump so that he can have the limelight. Without telling the whole truth as usual.

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Learn How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds Properly

Willie Nelson Cannabis Seeds

Everything begins with a seed. Learning how to grow with cannabis seeds is mandatory in the future development of the medical cannabis industry to appropriately create sound genetics and overwhelming harvests. In any case, there are a couple of things to consider when choosing what cannabis seeds you want, to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Now that you have chosen which cannabis seeds you want. What is the most effective method to Germinate your Cannabis Seeds?

Only new growers choose to utilize the damp paper towel technique to germinate their cannabis seeds. While most experienced cannabis growers will suggest simply sowing them specifically into the growing medium you intend to grow cannabis in. This eliminates any problems the seedling will endure, during the planting procedure, because at this stage of their life, paper towels can injure or kill the cannabis seeds roots that have sprouted.

Soak your cannabis growing medium:

Place the cannabis seeds in the soil or growing medium you are using and add as much hot water as you can to your seed germination tray that you find at most garden supply stores. This basically let’s the plants start in its own medium and effectively diminishes the probability of harming the delicate roots and shoots. While the tray let’s you separate your different strains you have selected to grow. Poke an opening into each of your trays carton shoots and drop your seed in about a half-inch down into the growing medium so you can effectively cover it. Cover each seed with excess growing medium and pack each one down.

The most essential thing here is not to plant the seeds but rather to soak them in  the growing medium with hot water, lots of hot water, while a warming mat underneath your plastic tray will increase your germination rates aswell.

After a couple of days most of the excess water will have evaporated by now and you should see a few small green sprouts rising up out of the highest point of your growing medium. Quickly place your seedlings under satisfactory lighting like Metal Halide (MH), Fluorescent or LED (Light-Emitting Diode), each lighting works fine and the only factor at this stage you should be worried about is the cost for the lighting that you use to sprout your seeds. Regardless of what lighting you pick, don’t forget to keep your developing plant only a few inches away from your light source unless you are using MH, placing your seedling to far away will make it extend and stretch which is a bad thing, you never want your plants to stretch, especially while growing indoors.

Now that you know how to sprout cannabis seeds, you’re prepared to start your way toward developing your own particular strains. Don’t forget to mark your cannabis seeds, seedlings and plants to keep track of what you’re growing.

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It’s a New World as Cannabis Takes Off

The year 2018 will be remembered by cannabis investors as one that is filled with a number of significant events that shaped the industry forever. With several states that officially legalized recreational cannabis, while the Federal government has officially legalized CBD products with the removal of CBD from the controlled substance act. The Cannabis industry is now set to take off at full steam with some of the greatest business opportunities that have been prolonged by years of unnecessary laws. The legal cannabis sector is expected to make several billion in just the first wave of this recreational pot frenzy for many investors. 

The cannabis industry kicked off 2018 with a strong push for legalization that started back in the middle of 2014, when the govt finally allowed HEMP to be commercially grown, as long as your state allowed it, with the passing of the 2014 farm bill that Obama signed into law. However, considerating the significant volatility in the cannabis sector, you can expect investors to fare very differently depending on the type of business they decide to invest in. Overall, the people who are experienced in the field should dominate in this unique industry.

The cannabis industry will experience continued growth in both the THC and CBD categories. The passing of the Farm Bill is a historic moment for the hemp industry and more companies will enter the new playing field in early 2019. More states are expected to legalize cannabis while current ones are just beginning to see massive profits.