Florida Legalizes Hemp

The Florida Senate has officially leglalized hemp growing in their state. The bill, is now on the desk of Governor DeSantis, who is going to sign it into law.

The citrus state goes green for hemp cultivation

Florida hemp gives the farmers another type of crop to grow in the state that is known for growing oranges and suffers billions in losses already from citrus groves greening and the constant hurricanes. Hemp in Florida is an emerging agricultural crop that can make all the difference when it comes to farmers who wish to make huge profits in the world-wide $100 billion dollar hemp industry.

Obama signed hemp into law in 2014, allowing research and Trump added CBD and hemp growing to states rights in 2018

Hemp farming was passed into federal law in 2014, the farm bill was updated in 2018 and gave states the opportunity to develop a hemp-growing program that can be submitted to the U.S. Agriculture Department for approval and allows states to openly sell CBD products.

The new federal hemp laws opened up a window for states like Florida to grow hemp, and the new hemp law makes it one of the first states to act and allow hemp cultivation.

Hemp is a textile, there is no type of cannabis called hemp

Hemp is marijuana, cannabis sativa to be more exact, which is a certain type of cannabis that grows really good in humid environments. There are three types of cannabis. Sativa, indica, and ruderalis. Cannabis sativa (hemp), when grown in less then optimum conditions, only produces small amounts of THC. Hemp usually produces way more CBD than THC. THC is a narcotic chemical compound that can get people high.

Most hemp flowers contain 0.3% THC

States, who still have THC laws on the books, cause a legal quagmire. Rouge District Attorney’s will try to implement their own views of current laws. Like what happened in Arizona, a medical marijuana state. The Yavapai county DA office successfuly prosecuted several medical marijuana card holders who were pulled over and had concentrated wax on them, because they legally bought it from a dispensary with a medical license.

Yavapai county uses their influence to have other extremely conservative law enforcement officers, who don’t agree with the medical laws or hemp laws because of their reefer madness syndrome, arrest and detain anyone with concentrates.

What kind of impact will Florida have on the hemp industry?

Hemp is a textile produce that has a wide range of uses, from ropes and clothing, to building materials and animal feed. Seeds can produce hemp oil. A viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Hemp seed is also a great source of food which includes protein and Omega nutrients

Hemp Seeds will benefit the health food industry tremendously. The FDA just recently released a statement allowing cannabis seeds to be bought and sold without regulations. While at the same time they detailed their authority over CBD edibles and other hemp products that make wild claims that’s tantamount to snake oil, a cure for everything.

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