Learn How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds Properly

Everything begins with a seed. Learning how to grow with cannabis seeds is mandatory in the future development of the medical cannabis industry to appropriately create sound genetics and overwhelming harvests. In any case, there are a couple of things to consider when choosing what cannabis seeds you want, to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Now that you have chosen which cannabis seeds you want. What is the most effective method to Germinate your Cannabis Seeds?

Only new growers choose to utilize the damp paper towel technique to germinate their cannabis seeds. While most experienced cannabis growers will suggest simply sowing them specifically into the growing medium you intend to grow cannabis in. This eliminates any problems the seedling will endure, during the planting procedure, because at this stage of their life, paper towels can injure or kill the cannabis seeds roots that have sprouted.

Soak your cannabis growing medium:

Place the cannabis seeds in the soil or growing medium you are using and add as much hot water as you can to your seed germination tray that you find at most garden supply stores. This basically let’s the plants start in its own medium and effectively diminishes the probability of harming the delicate roots and shoots. While the tray let’s you separate your different strains you have selected to grow. Poke an opening into each of your trays carton shoots and drop your seed in about a half-inch down into the growing medium so you can effectively cover it. Cover each seed with excess growing medium and pack each one down.

The most essential thing here is not to plant the seeds but rather to soak them in  the growing medium with hot water, lots of hot water, while a warming mat underneath your plastic tray will increase your germination rates aswell.

After a couple of days most of the excess water will have evaporated by now and you should see a few small green sprouts rising up out of the highest point of your growing medium. Quickly place your seedlings under satisfactory lighting like Metal Halide (MH), Fluorescent or LED (Light-Emitting Diode), each lighting works fine and the only factor at this stage you should be worried about is the cost for the lighting that you use to sprout your seeds. Regardless of what lighting you pick, don’t forget to keep your developing plant only a few inches away from your light source unless you are using MH, placing your seedling to far away will make it extend and stretch which is a bad thing, you never want your plants to stretch, especially while growing indoors.

Now that you know how to sprout cannabis seeds, you’re prepared to start your way toward developing your own particular strains. Don’t forget to mark your cannabis seeds, seedlings and plants to keep track of what you’re growing.

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